Gratitude even when its hard

Lately there have been a lot of road blocks in my life.  This past summer was really hard because I lost my job and my grandma died of dementia.  Then when things could not get any worse my car broke down and it cost 1000 dollars to fix it which I still owe back to my mom.  Now things are getting hard again.  We just got an eviction notice because we have not paid on some b.s. charges that my landlord wanted to add to our rent.  Like for instance, he charged us a 110 dollars to come out and clean our drain.  They said the charge was because there was excess hair but I have lived here for 6 years and the drains have never been cleaned.  For all I know I am paying for the past tenants excess hair problem.  Every time we call our landlord over to fix a problem he finds some way to charge us.  And to top it all off our car is broke down again.  The pedal goes all the way to the floor before the car comes to a stop.  Plus I have been having seizures and have missed a weeks worth of work.  But here's where the gratitude comes in.  Earlier today out of the blue a church friend dropped off some stuff that we needed and couldn't get because the car was broke down like coffee and toilet paper.  Its nice to know someone cares enough to do that for us.  Then my grandpa is loaning the money to my mom to pay our rent and get our car fixed.  So I thought I would try focusing on some of the things that I am grateful for because so far God has not let me down.

Things I am grateful for:
God and his faithfulness to me
My husband
My 4 beautiful cats
My car that usually runs
My job
My family
A computer and the internet so that I can write irritating blogs like this
My somewhat imperfect health
My family that always helps me when I need it most
Books to read(I am quite a book junkie)

So in every storm life throws if we look really hard we can always find something to be grateful for.  And gratitude will always help lessen the emotional load that you are carrying.

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