Movie Night

Just watched the movie "Lion".  It was a good movie.   It was based on a true story of a lost boy from India that was separated from his brother one night at a train station.  He was then to make a long story short put in an orphanage and adopted out to a couple in Australia.  Later in life he started to remember parts of his past,  and he went looking for his birth mother and brother.   He ends up finding them.   This just really got me thinking about my own life even though I wasn't adopted out there was a period when I didn't know my birth father.  Now I wish I didn't know him but that is another story.  Anyways I could really relate to some of the feelings in this movie as strange as that may seem as I am no Indian orphan.  Just a good movie.   I highly recommend it.  I give it 2 thumbs up.

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